Dec 15, 2010

Easy Breezy Time

there's nothing quite like lying on the grass....with the wind in your hair and blue sky above....

..ha :)


Nov 2, 2010

mm...blueberry muffins!

someone i know calls them purpleberries =]

Oct 17, 2010

Rubix walker


gosh i missed posting!
really don't know how this idea came about.... but i like it :)
hope you do too!

Sep 8, 2010

ok, we're up!

Hello! Nothing like waking up to a droplet from a rose on your 1st Anniversary...
this time last year was when Chubbi first went public :)
how are you all??

Sep 7, 2010


Sep 6, 2010


Sep 5, 2010


Apr 5, 2010

zzz for now....

Chubbis have all gone into hibernation!
(yes, this is a Hibernation Notice)

we will be back after a much needed sleep =]
will miss you all! ♥

fans on Facebook will see our Waking Notice when that time comes =]
for the time being feel free to look at our old posts!

Feb 4, 2010


I saw these 3 guys walk into the mall.....eventually, that is! LOL!

And yes, Chubbis still live here :)
Glad to be posting again!
Chubbi ♥