Chubbis' first-ever giveaway! (entries have closed!)


the prize:
All winners will receive four Chubbis greeting cards - the first Chubbis cards ever!

to enter:
Simply LIKE the Chubbis Facebook page (entries counted from 8th Feb till the end of Valentine's Day New Zealand time). If you’re already a fan, you can enter by getting a friend to enter! and hopefully they’ll remember you when they win :)  

how it works:
Okay so I had a good think about how to pick the winners... why not let Lotto decide? :) Each new LIKE will be numbered from 1-50 (and the 51st person will be numbered as 1 and so on). The 6th number to come out of New Zealand Lotto’s BIG WEDNESDAY DRAW on 15th Feb 8:20pm TV1 will be the winning number! And all fans with that number will each win the prize :) Woot!

You can visit this page to see updates of the new Chubbi fans and entries - numbered, with first name and initials to find out what number you are!
8th Feb 2012
1. Chris B
2. Sarah H
3. Waddles T
9th Feb 2012
4. Rob C
5. John C
6. Lel R
7. Teena L
8. Jade T
9. Helen B
10. Padma R
11. Carolyn A
12. Katrina C
13. Cindy C
14. Julie K
15. Renee D
16. Ken P
17. Carole S
18. Christine G
19. Rodney S
20. Christine P
21. Jennifer T
10th Feb 2012
22. Carol M
23. Roger G
24. James M
25. Emma T
26. Andy L
27. Karley J
28. John M
29. Ai M
30. Mike C
31. Julia W
32. Matt H
33. Rebecca S
34. Leanne C
35. Erin C
11th Feb 2012
36. Tamara T
37. Anna M
38. Joanne R
39. Tonie B
40. Shareen H
12th Feb 2012
41. Shoichi Y
42. Qiao Z
13th Feb 2012
43. Giada F
44. Kevin Y
45. Taila K
46. Natsuki K
47. Libby O
48. Mandy L
49. Cindy L
50. Jay S
1. Jeska B
14th Feb 2012 (last day!)
2. Christina T
3. June H 

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